Everything revealed by Mojang at Minecraft Live 2021

Mojang developers of one of the most successful games of all time hosted Minecraft Live 2021, which included breakdowns of the next major update for Minecraft, a new feature called Seasonal Adventures for Minecraft Dungeons, and more. So, here’s everything that was announced during Minecraft Live 2021, a livestream that was worth enjoying for fans of Minecraft.

Minecraft: ‘The Wild Update’

Mojang with this latest DLC intends to embrace Minecraft’s Overworld with plenty of new features and change how players explore and interact with the game’s overworld, when it releases sometime in 2022.

The Wild Update will initiate a replacement Swamp and Biome that consists of mangroves players picking fruit from plants and maybe even replant to nurture new plants.

Along “The Wild Update,” Deep Dark will now launch in 2022 (previously planned for 2021). First mentioned at Minecraft live 2020, the DLC appending one of the scariest Warden. Players enduring DLC will find special items available at Deep Dark.

Minecraft: ‘Caves and Cliffs Update’

The second part of Caves and Cliffs will be launching later in 2021. Previously this year Mojang made a distinction that it will part the update into 2 due to the complexity of included features. At Minecraft live this decision was praised because it gives the advantage of taking community feedback. The update will include dilated Caves and biomes with increased height and depth limit of Worlds.

Minecraft Dungeons: ‘Seasonal Adventures’

Minecraft Dungeons will be laced with a new feature called Seasonal Adventures by Studios that will premiere in December. Players will be facing weekly challenges and after completion, there would be a progression towards the Seasonal progression track and many rewards like emotes, new skins, and pets. Season One, The Cloudy Climb will be adding new features such as a new Tower and adventure hub.

Minecraft PC Bundle & Xbox Game Pass

Microsoft will be launching a Minecraft bundle for Xbox Game pass on PC on November 2, 2021. This bundle will include Bedrock and Java editions of the game with prop for a single MSA log-in across both.

You can watch all other annoucments made by Mojang, including the results of the annual Mob Vote, in the video down below.


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