Our Universe Was Created In A Laboratory Claims Harvard Scientists

Many philosophies and theories are there and coming to show how the universe came into existence. Out of such theories, one is the Big Bang which can explain the reasons in a better way. Astronomers believed in the existence of another universe before ours and thus one of those forming a multiverse.

As per Scientific American, Another jaw-dropping theory tells that our universe was created in a laboratory that was handled by an advanced extraterrestrial civilization in the past.

If this astonishing theory proved to be true then we are just a part of the game or can assume ourselves as pawns in a game of cosmic chess. And it tells that, it seems we have choices but in reality, we don’t have many choices. Although, this is just a theory and thus it is impossible for now to prove it right or wrong.

This theory arises from a fact. And the fact is that the universe where we exist has a flat geometry and zero net gravity. So this means that technically an advanced civilization probably figured out a way to develop it using quantum tunneling.

The emerging theory also suggests the existence of some divine creator. Technically the Biblical God is an alien since he is located beyond Earth’s atmosphere. But then the gods of other religions also believed to exist beyond Earth’s atmosphere and thus this aspect can not be treated as proof of this theory, we can not also ignore the existence of divine personality.

Our Universe Was Created In A Laboratory

For now, science also not able to tell what’s existed before Big Bang.

Avi Loeb, the author and the former chair of Harvard’s astronomy department wrote, “Where we live, has flat geometry and zero net energy, it is possible that an advanced civilization developed a method to create a universe out of nothing”.

Loeb said that we, for now, are class C. And if in the future we become able to have independence from the sun then we would be class B. As this theory suggests if humans also become able to develop the baby universes in the laboratory then we can say ourselves of class A.

According to Loeb, there are still many hurdles on the way to make a  “large enough density of dark energy within a small region.” Class A is of theoretical creators which is not impossible to achieve but also not easy.


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