Facebook testing new Twitter-like Threads Feature
Credit: Matt Navarra

Among many popular social media platforms, Facebook is well known for copying the trending features from its competitors, whether it be Snapchat-inspired Stories, TikTok-inspired Reel, or YouTube-like IGTV. And keeping this tradition alive, Facebook is reportedly testing Twitter-like threads feature with some add ons among a small group of “public figures,” reports TechCrunch.

This feature was first spotted by Matt Navarra and Valon Kerolli. And according to a report by TechCrunch, “FB plans to add a “View Post Thread” button, which will allow users to see all threaded posts at one place.”

The social media giants told TechCrunch that, “Now you can add another post to any previous one to create a thread. All posts in a thread will have the same audience as the first post.”

FB’s Twitter-like threads feature look almost similar to the original one (with a thin grey line connecting profile photos), but where Twitter has the character limit, FB has decided to take a different approach by making it 63,206 characters long (or, about 225 tweets). This could be useful in cases like the live commentary for a game or a show, for covering a live event or story.

However, Facebook hasn’t confirmed when the test would roll out more broadly or if it would later expand to “other Page categories.” The company’s main idea behind this could be to allow its users to “publish short and crisp posts rather than write long stories.”


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