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Japan will be opening the world’s first-ever ‘Esports gym’ in Tokyo, which will become a space for both amateur and experienced gamers to train and get professional coaching as well. It has been reported that a gym situated in Tokyo, resembles a traditional internet cafe, which will include a lounge offering online and offline both professional coaching from Esports teams for some of Japan’s most popular games i.e., Valorant, League of Legends, Rainbow Six Siege, Identity V, and Puyo Puyo.

This was reported by Sankaku Complex which is a website dedicated to anime discussion. The articles posted on Sankaku Complex have often tended to discuss Anime, Manga, Hentai, and other functions.

  • Esports Gym
  • Esports Gym

The name “Esports gym” came from a partnership, which took place between Tokyo Metro and Geshipi, and will charge $13 for a three-hour time period on one of the PCs. Otherwise, gamers can also pay if they wish, a $50 per month membership fee for uninterrupted daily access. Like a standard gym, training sessions from pros will cost an extra $25 per hour. Similar spaces have already opened in Singapore and South Korea as this industry plans to surpass $1 billion in global revenue in 2021.

This year, revenue from global Esports is expected to exceed $1 billion and revenue from the global games live-streaming audience is predicted to hit 728.8 million, according to a market report from games and Esports data company Newzoo.

Asia has been leading the Esports industry as the Asia-Pacific region made up 57% of global Esports viewership in 2019, according to Newzoo.

Some Members from organizations such as Crest Gaming and Glory Be Esports will be present to help gym members in improving their skills. Dexerto has stated that a direct path to turning pro will be an option for players who have passed a specific online course with Crest Gaming, which can then lead to a tryout held every at every three months.

Esports Gym Training

The Esports gym won’t be staying just for pros or amateurs. The website says it will also accept experienced gamers and those who are new to gaming PCs or don’t understand the game rules.

It’s not a huge venue, with just twelve PCs available right now, but it appears to be stressing quality rather than quantity. The Esports gym is set to be opened on May 19. But Don’t be surprised to see how many more of these gyms would be opening if the Tokyo business proves fruitful.



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