Despite the fast growth of esports in recent years, betting on events has stayed outside of customary betting markets. That might be changing sooner rather than later depending on the recent Sony patent, in any case. The patent is for an automated system that would permit the PlayStation platform to introduce betting chances to the player, and afterward, permit them to bet and guarantee rewards if their bet demonstrates effectiveness.

As per Gamerant, The patent was recorded on May 13 by Sony Interactive Entertainment and is named “E-Sports Betting Platform.” Notably, it never refers to PlayStation all through the archive. Maybe, it alludes to conventional “computer simulation” gadgets from which a viewer can be introduced bets. Further, the odds introduced to the viewer are determined on the stage or online through analysis of past game investigation, or decided pari-mutuel.

Sony's "E-sports Betting Platform" Patent may allow its users to Make Bets on Live Esports events
Credit” Gamerant

Going with the data accessible on the patent, we can securely say that this isn’t only a fun wagering trick, it’s a professional esports gambling feature. The system will cater betting propositions to the players dependent on their betting history and assuming they win the bet, they will either cash out half of their money or “double down.”

This patent brings up a question of what Sony Interactive Entertainment is planning to do by licensing an undeniable esports betting framework. Be that as it may, there are no responses to this inquiry and we need to trust that the organization will take some more actions to understand the feature. It is fascinating to perceive how Sony will carry out this betting component when the remainder of the gaming business is battling against loot box since it’s related to betting.

It maybe doesn’t mean anything for now or the foreseeable future, however in such countless years maybe esports betting will be considerably more mainstream than it is present, in which case Sony could present its betting system for PlayStation based on this patent. Well only time will tell us what Sony has got for us in the wraps.


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