Fortnite Impostors, An Among Us-Like Limited-Time Game Mode Launched

After launching “The Spy Within” last year, Epic Games takes another shot at Among Us, by releasing a new limited-time mode “Fortnite Impostors” in which each match, takes place in a new interior map called “The Bridge,” features two teams made up of eight agents and two imposters (10 in total).

To be fair, after gaining popularity during the pandemic, the influence of Among Us is greater than ever, judging by the fact, it has made Fortnite launch its own version of the game. (Sounds similar to what Instagram and other social media platforms did with TikTok’s unique feature) But this won’t be the first time Epic has certainly taken ideas from other games as previously PUBG Corporation has accused Epic Games of implementing ideas straight from PUBG when Epic first added battle royale into Fortnite.

Coming back to the new limited-time mode, it starts in a new interior map called The Bridge, where agents need to complete various tasks in order to complete the match. Naturally, the imposters are there to prevent that from happening. Similarly like Among Us, when a dead body is discovered, everyone who’s still alive conveys their suspicions and votes the accused, who they believe committed the crime.

While an imposter has a handful of tricks up their sleeve to throw the opposing team off their trail. Like in Among Us, there exists the power to freeze the progress of any assignments the other players are working on in and around The Bridge.

Whether it turns out to be successful or not that is another story for another day. One can queue to play Imposters after downloading the latest “Fortnite Impostors” update. 


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