Star Wars: Visions Anime Trailer Show Boasts Beautiful Animation And A Lot Of Action

Disney recently unveiled the trailer for Star Wars: Visions, which is an anime anthology series set to premiere on September 22nd on Disney Plus, comprising of 9 animated shorts, made in collaboration with some of the best Japanese anime studios.


The show was initially announced in December 2020, with a planned 10 animated shorts but later final two shorts were merged to achieve a grander vision.

The seven anime studios animating the series have given the freedom to materialize their visions and tell the stories they want to tell taking Star Wars as the base and it’s the reason, the Star Wars: Visions turned out to be a mesh of various genres and unique animation styles. The stories range from romance, action, comedy, musical, and even Japanese period drama. 

Star Wars Visions

References and Easter eggs

“Japanese animation inspired a lot of the people at Lucasfilm over the years we loved the idea of seeing star wars expressed in that way” James Waugh, executive producer for the series said.

Originally Star Wars was inspired by Japanese movies, especially by director Akira Kurosawa and now we can see the same reference in some of the stories from Star Wars: Visions. One of the shorts has a black and white animation, with a look resembling a Kurosawa movie. We can even find the reference to the Tatooine race track from The Phantom Menace. Even Boba Fett appeared in one of the shots.

There was also a reference to Kylo Ren stopping the laser blaster from The Force Awakens. There are easter eggs and references scattered all over the trailer and from the look of it, there is no doubt Star Wars: Visions will be a treat for all the Star Wars fans. 

Is Star Wars: Vision a Canon?

Though Lucasfilms has not confirmed whether the series will be canon or not but they have said in the past that, all the content created after the Disney acquisition of Lucasfilm will be canon and the appearance of know characters like Boba Fett even confirms this case.

But as producers have given a lot of freedom to the creators where creators can make stories whether they fit in the existing timeline or not, so it is still too early to tell whether the story will be canon or not.


Star Wars: Visions will come out on September 22 and the show will stream in both Japanese and English Dub. Disney has revealed the cast of English Dub and a lot of big names are coming up. The cast includes Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Neil Patrick Harris, David Harbour, Lucy Liu, and Alison Brie. Temuera Morrison will be reprising his role as the Boba Fett. 


Recently we are seeing a lot of successful animated shows from Star Wars, including the final season of Clone Wars and The Bad Batch. It is good for fans that Disney is investing in new styles of storytelling and giving chance to experience the Star Wars universe through a different lens. 

So are you excited to watch the new series? Tell us what do think in the comment and as always “May the Force be with You”.



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