Fortnite fans think 'The Rock' is playing character 'The Foundation' in the game after cryptic Instagram Post - Craffic

With each new season in Fortnite comes every new crossover. While Season 6 has just barely landed, we’ve effectively seen any semblance of Lara Croft introduced, alongside football sensation Neymar Jr.

Next up could be The Rock, if ongoing mysteries work out as expected. From unobtrusive in-game details to legitimate teasers via web-based media, he could be spreading the word about his presence this season.

The Zero Crisis cinematic saw Agent Jones select the guide of one more remarkable figure. This armored partner is everything except covered in secret for the present, yet there’s motivation to trust it very well maybe The Rock.
Around the same time of the Season 6 update, the day where this new character showed up in Fortnite, The Rock shared an eyebrow-raising message on Instagram. “The date is March 16,” he said. “Today was a major day.”

“In a specific world, in a specific culture, today was a major day.”

From well known game establishments to iconic films, the most recent progressing storyline in Fortnite has seen Agent Jones enlisting incredible figures from various measurements. With this expressing, The Rock has all the earmarks of being indicating the universe of Fortnite.

This is totally done to fortify, and develop, and grow, the force and the power known as “The Foundation.” His post additionally accompanied a comparable inscription, further advancing ‘The Foundation’. This is the name given to this mysterious character’s skin in Fortnite Season 6. “His penance will not be neglected,” the depiction peruses. He is the “head of the Seven.” The metallic design of the new figure seems to look like that of the famous actor. The state of his ancestral tattoos is reflected by the shield, with accurate sizes arranging across the left shoulder.

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  • dj proof

Past the design, in-game documents likewise link The Rock to this new character. Various sound records for The Foundation skin are recorded in a specific envelope under the hood. In the game’s records, these voice lines can be found in an envelope called ‘DJ.’

While this could be a distraction, DJ unmistakably makes for another extraordinary clue, pointing towards Dwayne Johnson’s association.

We’ll need to sit back and watch exactly how Season 6 unfurls until further notice. Despite the fact that it’s conceivable something major could be underway for the progressing storyline. Rock’s expansion to Fortnite would be perhaps the greatest crossovers to date.



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