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Third Generation vehicles to be world’s most effective  race cars claimed by Formula E

Formula E has proclaimed that the new third-gen cars are the planet’s most effective race car. Teams are going to employ third-generation electric cars in 2022-23 whereas they will start testing them in Spring itself.

Generation 3 cars have an edge over gen-2 because of their light and small body and FIA and Formula E even said that around 40 percent of the power used during races will be produced using regenerative braking. Generation 3 cars will be the first formula cars without Rear hydraulic brakes.

There are several new features in gen-3 cars such as it is the first formula car to have powertrains at both front and back ends. The 350kW back-end powertrain would be suited with a 250kW front-end powertrain. This 600kW power would binate the amount of regenerative capability.

Besides this, the car can provide up to 470 brake horsepower and a high speed of 200mph. Formula E and FIA also claim that the power-to-weight ratio of this car is nearly as good as the same combustion engine.

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This model has a sustainable background and hence it assures net-zero carbon with recyclable broken carbon fiber parts. With all these things it will employ about 26 percent viable materials.

Formula E CEO Jamie Reigle said during a statement that designing and launching the Gen-3 car is as similar as adding high performance, efficiency and sustainability in a single-car without any compromise. He also said that they have built similar cars with FIA that were the world’s most effective and sustainable racers and the Gen-3 cars are their fastest, lightest, and therefore the best racing cars yet.

Though Formula E hasn’t revealed the designs of Gen-3 but has shared several teaser images. Teams are to check the cars soon so, we have to not wait for long to ascertain the complete look of Gen-3 cars.


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