Genshin Impact

What’s the problem with Genshin’s Impact?

Genshin Impact is an immensely popular game, but there’s one aspect of it that is not so satisfactory according to Genshin’s diehard players: The way it distributes Resin(an in-game resource that’s used to enable end-game activities).To put it simply if you want to do cool endgame stuff, you need a lot of Resin.

What are the new features?

Last night, miHoYo answered common fan questions and told them about some changes that are made to Genshin Impact 1.1 patch arriving on November 11th.

Here’s what’s going to change:

  • The Resin requirement for weekly battle pass missions will be decreased from 1600 to 1200.
  • The amount that players can accumulate and store i.e the resin cap will be increased from 120 to 160.
Genshin Impact

Will it solve the player’s problems?

Yeah, it’s an improvement, but not enough of one in the eyes of many players. The problem is that the huge amount of Resin required to complete various activities, and its painfully slow recharge rate, are still unchanged, so it’s still extremely limited in what the players can do.

If we talk about 40 more Resin that we are going to get in the new update, it just means two more dungeons than before, or fight one more world boss which can be done in under ten minutes. Yes, just 10min or maybe even less than that.

this new update is not going to change anything at all for you, as long as you are earnestly playing Genshin a few times a day to make sure you’re not capped. Without a modification to how much activities cost and how fast energy refills, this cap raise does very little unless you are stepping away from the game for a long time like entire days at a time.

Players are not motivated:

I am getting a feeling that miHoYo just doesn’t have an interest in solving the core problem with resin and altering the game to make it more player-friendly. They are sticking onto a hardcore gacha system in the endgame that Eastern audiences are used to but Western players are not. But it’s not just about gacha vs non-gacha. Even for a gacha game, the current system doesn’t even make any sense at a certain point. High-end players aren’t motivated to keep spending money to get new characters when the amount of Resin it would take to farm XP, gold, and ascension materials for that character is impossible to collect. You have to keep spending every point of energy on that single character for a month or even more. Even if you try to pay for refills via gems, there’s a cap to that.

In short, this change in the resin system is pretty much useless. There’s a lot more work required to be done with it.

Some other features:

There are some other updates also which are better and not so controversial:

  • Changing key bindings/controller set-up will  arrive in 1.1
  • More ways to filter artifacts by attributes will be provided in 1.1
  • A  new (free) item that lets you make your custom teleport waypoints  will arrive in 1.1
  • A small icon will be provided that’ll easily show you which character has a certain artifact or weapon equipped in 1.1

Sure, that all sounds pretty good. With these features, it does seem like 1.1 is not going to be a terrible patch.

But, will there be any further adjustment in the resin system? Well, I guess that’s a no for now. Let’s just hope for the best.



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