Goodboy Galaxy Is Coming To PC, Game Boy Advance, And Switch

Goodboy Galaxy, a Metroid-inspired pixel art indie game, is coming Game Boy Advance (GBA) sometime in December 2022. You heard it right, Goodboy Galaxy, which is start-up of two developers named Rik Nicol and Jeremy Clarke, is coming to GBA, making it the first commercial Game Boy Advance game since 2008.

As reported by The Gamer, Kickstarter for the game has shattered its $24,777 target in less than a day and has a whole month left with $85,978 rasied at the time of writing.

However, it is not the exclusive GBA title. Goodboy Galaxy is also expecting to launch for PC (via Steam) in December 2022 same as the GBA version, while the Switch version is planned for March 2023 release.

The developers describe this new exploration-focused adventure platform game as “a Cave Story, or a cuter Metroid” in which its central character, an adorable dog astronaut called Maxwell, exploring different levels in the game via multiple routes alongside making friends.

Here’s the game’s plot,

“With his homeworld on the brink of ecological collapse, Maxwell bravely hopped into his experimental ship in dogged pursuit of a solution. Beyond the point of no return, holding out forlorn hope, he finds himself stranded – thousands of lightyears from home, at the edge of a hostile galaxy. Help Maxwell explore unfamiliar worlds, make strange new friends and contend with mysterious forces.”

And luckly there’s a demo available on, in case someone want to try the game by themself.


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