A YouTuber stuffed Christopher Nolan's 'Tenet' into Game Boy Advance cartridges - Craffic

According to Christopher Nolan the ideal way to watch his film Tenet, which launched back in June 2020, is in a cinema as he said last year that “This is a film whose image and sound really needs to be enjoyed in your theaters on the big screen”. But a Youtuber Bob Wulff has released the time-bending blockbuster in the format of Game Boy Advance cartridges to experience it in the ‘worst way possible’.

Spotted by Engadget, YouTuber Bob Wulff who runs the WulffDen channel had freely admitted that this is possible “the worst way to view Tenet.” Now to do this he has to split the two-and half-hour-long movie into five parts, because according to Wulff, “30 minutes is the maximum time you can have for a Game Boy Advance Video cartridge.” And of course, Wullf had to compress down the video to six frames per second with a 192×128 resolution and a whopping 8 KB/s bitrate that looks blurry even on the Game Boy Advance’s 240 x 160 display. The software Wulff used also speeds up video by a third by default.

The result is not that good, but I can assure you that Christopher Nolan would have not imagined that there could be way far worse than watching his IMAX films like Tenet on streaming services. And also imagine trying to hear film dialogues on GBA speakers, which are already hard to hear in normal format because of the questionable sound mixing of the film.

You can watch the video on Youtube about how he did it, or you can load this into GBA emulators on your PC as Wulff has turned the video into a ROM download.



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