Google Fi VPN service is now available to iPhone users

After missing its spring deadline to launch its VPN service to Apple devices, Google has started rolling out the Google Fi VPN for Apple iPhone users on its MVNO network. This built-in VPN, along with spam blocking, is available on all Google Fi plans.

This expansion of Google Fi VPN was first introduced in November 2018 with an enhanced network option that allows a secured connection and on weak Wi-Fi strength automatically shifts to mobile data. Google Fi VPN has a capability that shields the IP address and keeps a check that others (nefarious parties) cannot see what you are browsing. This also has other features like automatic spam call blocking, high-speed data tethering, ability to monitor data usage.

So, for this feature, you have to first update to Version 3.5 of the Google Fi companion app on the App store. After that, you have to enable it through the main account tab by going into the phone settings section. There you will find a Privacy & Security menu where you will be able to turn off or on the new “Protect your online activity” option. Immediately, pop-ups will appear to confirm the feature and enter your password/fingerprint/face. “VPN” will be in the top iPhone status bar when you’re connected. 

Google Fi’s VPN service has a number of other features, including automatic spam call blocking, the ability to monitor data usage, support for data-only SIMs, and high-speed data tethering depending on which plan you have.



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