Google One VPN expands outside the US

Google One VPN service is now available in international markets outside the US countries like Canada, Germany, France, Mexico, Spain, Italy, and the UK. This feature is only available for the subscribers of Google One at the 2TB (or higher) tier.

VPN by Google One was restricted for use in the US only since its launch last year. But now Google has allocated this service to different locations, including Mexico, France, Germany, Spain, Canada, Italy, and the UK. There would be restrictions on the use of this service while traveling outside these countries.

Moreover, the VPN can be used only by the subscribers of Google One and at the 2 TB or higher tier plan. Unlike Google Fi, this service is only for Android devices and not for iOS, Windows, and Mac. If you haven’t already signed up, the Google One plan for the VPN will cost you $9.99 each month or at a rate of $100 annually. However, Google had mentioned that it would introduce Windows, Mac, iOS devices too, but had not specified any timeline.

Google One VPN

Google One opinionated, earlier this year to possess robust security by an independent but commissioned audit. Google also addressed most of its issues brought up immediately. Issues were its mandatory subscription and lack of device support.

The mountain view giant had not rolled out VPN to other devices than Androids and had not even announced the exact date for this access. So, if you want to access this service through all your devices wherever you want (and don’t cloud storage), then you can consider third-party VPNs.


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