GTA Online Will Include More Updates of Single Player Content in Future

GTA Online- More Single Player Content

There are strong hopes for Grand Theft Auto Online that Cayo Perico heist will not be the last single-player content to be introduced. It is considered as one of the biggest expansions since the launch of the platform to GTA Online. The story behind the heist is to bring down an infamous drug lord by bringing the player to a brand new Caribbean island. A nuclear submarine is introduced as the brand new HQ to the fans and the music Locker is introduced as a new social area which is the platform for in-game music concerts.

One Man Army?

But the best thing for the players is that the player has the freedom to play the entire heist single-handedly. Every mission can be easily completed without any help from any other players associated with the formidable area of Cayo Perico. This is in contrast to the ideology of the game’s online experience and making a change from the last heists that have been added to the game. This may sound strange for players which like to play the game socially but it is considered a step to attract less social GTA fans that wills to keep it less social.

Cayo Perico

Ideology of Directors

Tarek Hamad and Scott Butchard, the design directors, in an interview with GQ shared their idea about the new expansion from home during a pandemic and the nature of unprecedented single-player for the new heist. They noted that the community had been demanding the single-player functionality for some time and it is a proud moment that they were successful in implementing it in Cayo Perico. They showed signs that they were going to carry forward this ideology, although they also respected the players who like to play with cooperation at the same time they also want their solo players to get a valid experience out of the game.

GTA-6‘s Wait

However, Rockstar’s interest in the online single player is somehow considered by some fans to be an indication for the GTA 6 and many wish that it should not be as buggy as Cyberpunk 2077. This is something good news as people will be able to play single player GTA content while others can wait for the next game on the line. As GTA being an online game so developers are not entirely shunning co-op players.

This update is somehow beneficial to both variety of players as Butchard said that as co-op fans can tackle multiple tasks at once to ensure quicker and efficient heist while single players don’t have to coordinate with teammates at high stealth situations and keep all the loot to themselves.

GTA Online: New update

Are fans Upset?

Cayo Perico seems to be a new door to the new style of GTA online but it may have some haters too as many fans were upset that the island did not have an allowance to free roam and was upset. This conflicts with the GTA‘s traditionally open-world nature as players can only visit the new realm when they are going for the heist which is a clear restriction. But it is understood that to maintain the stealth it could have been so but more single-player content is on its way to GTA online and hoping to bring good to the community.


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