Here's what to expect in Valorant Episode 2, Act 3 along with the new map 'Breeze' - Craffic

Valorant Episode 2 Act 3 is launching on April 27 and will continue the tradition of introducing a new map, new skins, a new battle pass, and much more. So without wasting any more time let’s take a look at things expected to be introduced in the new Act 3.

New Map – Breeze

Breeze is an all-new map that is located at the seaside of the Bermuda Triangle and gives the vibes of a beach

⦁ Also a touch of the Radianite teasers giving some more details to talk about Valorant’s lore.

⦁ With more details of the lore, we can hope for new characters in the upcoming lore.

⦁ Also, maybe some Easter eggs are about the new character as you can see in the given images.

⦁ This map contains two bomb planting sites (A and B) so we’re not getting another ‘HAVEN’.

Unbreakable Doors

⦁ The new map (Breeze) is getting unbreakable doors, not like Ascent ones which are weak(af boii)

⦁ But they can be opened or closed by both sides.

Valorant’s New Battle Pass

⦁ It will cost 1,000 VP and includes new skins, radianite points, cards, and keychain-style gun buddies for your weapons. The battle pass will expire on June 21st.

⦁ We’re also going to see a new raze spray in the battle pass.

New Skins

⦁ If we take a close look at the map teaser uploaded by Valorant’s we can see a new and fresh Vandal in the pot at the left.

⦁ A new Forsaken bundle is coming to Valorant containing skins for Vandal, Operator, specter, classic, and knife.

⦁ And a bunch of new Lightwave skins for Odin, Phantom, frenzy, Bucky, and Sherrif.

  • Lightwave Skins
  • Forsaken Skin

Buffed or Nerfed

⦁ As there’s no proper update on which character is going to be nerfed or buffed.

⦁ Jett is most likely to be nerfed due to her high dominance.

⦁ Yoru is most likely to be buffed because it has the lowest win rate.

⦁ What characters do you think are going to be nerfed or buffed tell us in the comments.

Bikini skins?

As many gamers are kidding about the bikini outfits for the characters as there’s a beach map. Some are also expecting it lightly though. What do you think about the bikini outfits for the characters and which characters do you want to see in bikini the most? Tell us in the comments.


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