weed chopper

Do you happen to have a garden or flower beds, then you must have come across some weeds i.e., the unwanted plants with mostly no value to them, but if you are somewhat a lazy person then you might not like picking them out by hand. Though there are some tools which are manual and requires some effort by the user too instead of just plucking the thing out but what’s the fun in that, we want something fully automatic, don’t we? which requires no effort whatsoever.

Then there is exactly what you are looking for on the Internet, the thing is called ‘Tertill garden weeding robot’. It’s invented by the same guy who invented the world’s first autonomous vacuum cleaner named ‘Joe Jones’. Now let’s stop beating around the bush and get straight into it, that’s what we’re here for, aren’t we?

Instead of working inside the house, the user should set it up outside in the garden or a flower bed. It needs physical borders to keep it confined to space it’s working in, and then it roams the area constantly and chops down any weeds in its path.

Now you must be wondering how does this robot differentiate the plants and the weeds, well the principle is really simple i.e., it cuts down only the stuff which is less than 1 inch tall. It doesn’t pull up the roots and it doesn’t need to because it just keeps chopping weeds as they regrow until eventually, they don’t have anymore stored energy so they die right away. If you have small sprouts that you want to protect, there are a few barriers that come with the robot.

Robot Tertill chopping weed

Now you might be wondering why it’s better than the alternatives, well because it is, lol just kidding. The best part about it is just “set it and forget about it” cause you don’t need to charge it because you might have heard of solar power so that’s what power this machine. Right when you think it couldn’t be any better, well guess what, it doesn’t need any maintenance too.

It’s solar-powered so it’s constantly charging on its own, and it roams around the garden every day hunting for those uncut weeds of yours. It works a little bit every day and then it camps out to recharge itself thanks to the flashy solar panel on top. Better check it out while it’s still in stock because the stuff while being fairly useful to many, might sell out sooner than you think.


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