From ancient times it had been said that all these viruses have a major effect on the living organism. With the passing of decades, people have to face many problems regarding the influence of viruses & their infection. This all leads to a great pandemic attack or rapidly spreading across the world. In ancient times our organizations were not so developed in facing these problems.

In the old-time our countries people specialized in doing agriculture activities like planting seeds, farming but these points also lead to reborn of new viruses such as potyviruses, rinderpest, smallpox, measles. These viruses are among the oldest ones to affect the human body. Some of these viruses also lead to an increase in the death rate in ancient times.


  1. Smallpox eradication. (20th century) , 300 million died.
  2. Measles. (1899-1902), 200,00 cases.
  3. AIDS. (20thcentury), 35million died.
  4. Influenza. (1918), 20million died.
  5. Hepatitis viruses. (19-20thcentury), 55000 died.
  6. Poliomyelitis. (mid-20th century), 60,000cases.
  7. Yellow fever, dengue. (19thcentury), 4,000died.

NOW According to this topic, moving towards “Ancient Coronavirus” swept across East Asia::

Let’s discuss “ SARS-COV-2” Its Effects, preventions, precautions:

SARS-COV-2: Server acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2.


This type of virus has a main effect on the human respiratory system. called coronavirus diseases 19 (COVID-19). It deeply affects the immunity system of human being & animals. The first case of SARS-COV-2 came in 2019 November. This has a lot of symptoms such as coughing, sneezing. World health organizations take many safety measures to handle this virus. This all leads to a major breakdown in pandemic attacks on this world.

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VIRION:  This contains spike proteins, envelope, composed mainly of lipids, yellow-grey, red envelope proteins, membrane proteins. It’s an RNA virus.


There are many possible modes of transmission of the Corona such as close contact of eyes, hand, mouth, coughing, sneezing, talks, or sings. Also through air droplets, water, direct or indirect contact, blood sharing, mutual sharing of things all lead to the spreading of COVID 19. If we go through biological ways. Such as breastfeeding, bonemarrow sharing, plasma or serum dictation, urine or specimen these components are a major factor.

  • Why Corona Increasing Day by Day? Reason Behind it?

It’s due to the irresponsibility of peoples with this virus. Infected people don’t take this virus seriously they freely move outside their house, meet people who came in contact with them & infect them also. They don’t take the proper necessary precautions prescribed by the doctor. Their immunity system is getting weaker day by day. This is spreading in large amount from people to people that’s the reason its increasing day by day. Also due to the irresponsibility of MLAs or LM or governors, they drop rallies do elections due to which crowd of people take place in these &infect each other rapidly at a fast rate.


By understanding the whole concept of corona & take proper safety measures regarding this & made proper investigation will help us to reduce COVID effects.

  • Infected people should quarantine themselves, they have to make proper distance from their family members.
  • The proper time-to-time hand sanitization & cleanliness should be maintained.
  • For a healthy body, your immunity system must be strong so get proper nutritious food diet, fruits & green vegetables.
  • Keep your mouth continuously cover with a  fabric mask & made proper sanitization of your things.
  • AS, it is difficult to identify all infected people closely so maintain a proper distance from everyone, take proper medical precautions.
  • Avoid functions, crowded places, parties. Keep your environment & area clean & stay updated on the news rules of the government. 
  • TERM: CLOSE CONTACT –It is a defined term for those who live in a large family in which when one person gets infected from coronavirus then other members care for them some time unknowingly they came in contact with an infected person.Examples including touching, handover them food fruits, close conservation, kissing sharing sometimes clothes, etc.
  • SARS is a term of virus which infected from one another causing symptoms like weakness, body aching, temperature, coughing, sleepiness, etc.


Worldwide :   14,52,40,343 Cases.

India :  1,62,63,695 Cases.

China :  90,575 Cases.

Himachal pradesh : 82,876 Cases.


Let’s discuss this interesting topic. In April 2004, the Chinese health ministry concluded a new case in Beijing. With passing time on April 26 minister of the health department concluded the cases of SARS: six in Bejing, two in Anhui. Besides, the patient increased to 1000 close contacts. It arrived in the countries of East Asia in early 2003. The number of confirmed cases is 8,096. The death rate is 774. It spread across 30 countries. 

PROBABLE CASES:            CASES             DEATHS           FATALITY%

  1. China                          5,327                   349                      6.6
  2. Hongkong                   1,755                  299                       17
  3. Taiwan                         346                     73                        21.1      
  4. Canada                         251                     44                        17.5
  5. The United States                 27                       0                          0
  6. Thailand                        9                         2                        22.2
  7. Australia                        6                        0                        0
  8. United kingdom            4                        0                        0
  9. India                               3                        0                       0
  10. Switzerland                     1                        0                      0


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  • “PROTECTION MEASURES FROM VIRUSES“: For the protection of human beings, from these coronaviruses, many vaccines were used to overcome this problem. Many vaccines entered the clinical laboratory. Some were useful & some were not. With time, The main Vaccine of coronavirus is finally developed by ‘PFIZER & GERMAN biotechnology company “BioNTech“ is 95% effective in curing people or to held strong immunity system of peoples. It is stored at minus 94 degrees Fahrenheit & On 11 Dec 2020 it becomes the first COVID 19 Vaccine authorized by U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).


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