HYPER 245W GaN Charger and 245W USB-C Battery Pack is world’s most powerful yet

Claimed to be the “world’s first and most powerful,” both Hyper 245W GaN Charger and Hyper 245W USB-C Battery Pack (27000mAh/100Wh) offers four USB-C ports for charging up all your gadgets at once. Both 245W GaN Charger and the 245W USB-C Battery Pack, can be purchased separately but is also available in bundle packs.

Hyper 245W GaN Charger and USB-C Batery Pack

As mentioned above, both GaN Charger and Battery Pack has four USB-C ports, each of which maxes out at 100W. Now the charging of HyperJuice 245W USB-C GaN Charger breaks down as: one device at up to 100W; two devices at up to 100W each; three devices with two at up to 100W and one at up to 45W; or four devices with one at 100W and three at 45W.

The HyperJuice 245W USB-C Battery Pack can easily get charged back up in around one hour, and the illuminated OLED display provides real-time stats to monitor charge and discharge. It also provides real-time battery information, charging status, battery capacity (in % and Wh), time to recharge, and individual USB-C port power usage with crystal clear clarity.

Price and Availability

The new HYPER 245W charger and battery pack are available to back on Indiegogo and have already smashed its funding goal with shipping planned for December. There are several discounted backer options which include a 52% price drop on the charger and battery pack bundle, now $239.

Both of them are individually discounted as well, at 50% off for either of the new releases. The charger starts at $99 with early pricing, with an expected retail price of $199, while the battery pack starts at $149 with an expected retail price of $299


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