It might be hard to get your hands on Apple Watch Series 7 at launch

With Apple’s fall event just around the corner, the next-gen Apple Watch is rumored to have a brand new design that will see rounded corners replaced with flat edges. Well, nothing is confirmed yet, but some reports are suggesting that Apple might not be able to ship all versions of the Apple Watch Series 7 on time due to their production problems which would delay the release of some or all models.

Apple is expected to unveil an update to the Apple Watch lineup in a fall event, with the Apple Watch Series 7 is anticipated to join the “iPhone 13” and other awaited product launches. Now, some reports came up with the fact that the Apple Watch may not make it on time.

In the “Power On” newsletter from Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman (via 9to5Mac), about Apple Watch Series 7 some points are discussed which includes the announcement is delayed while production issues are resolved, the announcement moves forward and the device is available in limited quantities, or the device is announced but not made available until a later date.

Apple Watch Series 7

In the newsletter, Gurman stated that there are “production headaches” due to the use of a new display. Previously, there were rumors about the Apple Watch Series 7 that claim there are production delays in the product line, caused by the use of a new complicated design and Apple introducing a larger screen, potentially with 16% more pixels than in previous models.

It appears that Apple will also be moving to increase the overall size, from 40mm and 44mm variants to 41mm and 45mm versions (existing Apple Watch bands might not fit) and the next-gen Apple Watch will boast a brand new design that will see rounded corners replaced with flat edges.

Gurman says that the issues in production could lead to one of three outcomes. Now, there are two possibilities, either Apple will delay the announcement of the models “until the issues are fixed,” will release the new models of the Apple Watch Series 7 on time but in small quantities, or will announce the models on time but delay the sale to consumers.



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