Both Bose and Amazon launched eyewear products with integrated speakers in recent years. A somewhat different approach is taken by JLab Audio. JBuds Frames enables you to connect two genuine wireless open-ear speakers to the temples of your eyewear so that you can swap them from one standard glass to the other. The company has many silicone sleeves that support a number of temple sizes of the eyewear.

The 16.2mm drivers and an IPX4 waterproof rating are available in speakers weighing 11.7 g each. JLab says they can run with a single load for up to 8 hours, but you have the option of using just one speaker simultaneously to preserve battery life.

  • JLab glasses with JBuds
  • JBuds

JBuds frames include buttons to change volume, switch between Signature and Bass Boost and accept or reject calls. Signature and Bass Boost EQ settings JLab’s earbuds are generally a good value for money, although we cannot talk about the audio quality of JBuds Frames without getting them tried.

In early spring the speakers should be ready. For $50 that is considerably less than Bose Frames and Amazon Echo Frames, JLabe plans to sell JBuds frames.


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