LG launches 2021 lineup of LG Gram Laptop with Intel’s 11th-Gen Processors

LG Gram laptops- 5 New Models

LG comes with a new lineup of LG Gram laptops in 2021 featuring a new design along with internal upgrades. The lineup includes five models which are two convertible models – the Gram 2-in-1 16 & the Gram 2-in-1 14 and three clamshell models- the Gram 17, the Gram 16, and the Gram 14.

Light Weight

The signature features of the LG Gram laptop lineup has not been changed. As the name suggests- “Gram” laptops are astonishingly light in weight. And the new model Gram 17 has the same weight as its predecessor i.e. 2.98 pounds. And it is a bit different from the available laptops in the market of the 17-inch size which are not under three pounds weight. One using the lineup will feel the difference as carrying the 2020 model feels like carrying nothing. And the Gram 14 is 2.2 pounds and Gram 16 just 2.62 pounds.

Extended Vertical Display

2020 feature of Gram 17 model has been inherited in the 2021 model which is the 16:10 display is contrary to the traditional 16:9 panel by offering more vertical space. A new “four-sided slim bezel design” is provided in the new clamshell models achieving a screen-to-body ratio of 90 percent. And it is quite clear in the pictures provided by LG that bezels are pretty small giving a modern vibe while viewing it.

LG keeping in mind the comfort and efficiency has enlarged the keyboard and touchpad of the new lineup.

  • LG Gram Laptop
  • LG Gram Laptop

Intel’s Evo Certification and Processor

The significant specs of concern are that they have used Intel’s 11th-Gen Core processors in all of the new Gram laptops and can accompany Iris Xe graphics or UHD graphics. And the LG Gram models have been certified by Intel’s Evo program which is an Intel badge awarded to the laptops which have a battery life of at least 9 hours, wake up from sleep quickly, and other features too.

Battery Life

It is claimed by LG that you can see up to 19.5 hours from the Gram 17, Gram 16, and 16 2-in-1. That’s a kind of claim I’d usually be doubtful of, but the 2020 Gram 17 had some of the longest battery life I saw from a laptop last year. It lasted for10 hours of my daily workload, which is quite intense. It makes me think that LG knows very well what it’s doing when it’s come to efficiency.

LG Gram Laptop

It was stated by Jang Ik-hwan (LG senior vice president and head of the company’s IT business unit) that, with unprecedented portability and first-class performance, the LG gram laptop brand is continuing to raise the bar for the slim laptop and ultra-lightweight market.

He also included, “With sleeker appearance and more processed designs and 16:10 aspect ratio displays along with maintaining lightweight, our current LG gram lineup gives users the ability to enjoy better productivity and more alluring viewing experiences wherever they go.”

However, availability and pricing are still to be announced for the LG gram laptop 2021 lineup.



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