Massive Creature Photobombs OceanX Team while exploring Red Sea shipwreck

In September 2020, the OceanX team exploring the unexplored parts of the Northern Red Sea to investigate the remains of the sunken shipwreck Pella with the help of OceanXplorer, an advanced exploration vessel. During their investigation, at about 2800 feet (850 meters) below the surface, the team encountered a massive creature seems to be ‘Giant Squid’ which was larger than a human.

After one year of exploration about this creature, Mattie Rodrigue OceanX Science Program team lead posted a video. You can see it below:

In this video, Mattie Rodrigue tells that they first detected a little, tiny anomaly on the map. On sending the ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle which can go to depths up to 20,000 feet) in the sea it turns out to be the Pella ship which was sunk in 2011 during their way to an Egyptian port.

While the scientists were looking at the bow of the shipwreck through ROV, suddenly a massive creature comes into view which takes a look at ROV and then curls its entire body around the bow of the wreck. Mattie Rodrigue mentioned in the video that she and her team members were in frozen shock.

OceanX team not once but the number of times encountered with this creature when they have sent ROV in the sea. But it’s not clear that all-time this creature was the same squid or the other. 

For further exploration of this massive creature, Mattie Rodrigue takes help from Zoologist and squid expert Dr. Michael Vecchione. He told that this creature was a giant form of purple back-flying squid which grow up to 2 feet in length. With this, he added that in the Red Sea there would be a well-known population of this creature but this creature shown in the video was not a giant squid. 

Many wonders on earth are unknown and this massive creature is one of them in the Northern Red Sea.

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