Microsoft might add a four-color 'logo camera' system on its future devices
Credit: LetsGoDigital

Microsoft has patented a unique under-display camera solution inspired by its logo. Although, a new patent suggests that the company might be working on a new four-color “logo camera” system which it can use on its products. This design could be used on a future Microsoft smartphone, desktop display, or tablet.

As per the patent first spotted by LetsGoDigital, the company is working on an under-display camera system inspired by the company logo. The design will feature four cameras arranged in a square array placed below the screen. Each camera can pack a color filter corresponding with the Microsoft logo i.e. red, green, blue, and yellow cameras. Also, the pixels above these cameras can display the company’s logo or act as notification lights if we’re not using them.

As per the patent, Microsoft’s ‘four windows’ logo camera, “can control the colors of display pixels aligned with optical paths of the camera lens and sensor arrays as well as can use colors in an icon to provide color filters or to focus color-separated light on one or more camera sensors.”

  • Microsoft four-color 'logo camera' system
  • Microsoft four-color 'logo camera' system

The design has its drawbacks too like stitching together the data from the four cameras. This is also not clear if Microsoft can address the inherent quality issues of under-display cameras. But, the patent doesn’t eliminate the use of the array on the device’s rear. It is suspicious that this design would come with a considerable price or not. The company filed the patent in 2019, but it is not clear if it’s still working on this technology.

So far, we’ve discussed that Microsoft could be working on an under-display quad ‘logo camera’. According to the patent, this quad-camera array is arranged in a square, can sit below a display or on the back of a device, and has color-specific cameras just like the Microsoft logo.

So, this was all about the latest tech update. Let us know what you think of ‘Microsoft’s logo camera patent’ in the camera section. Till then stay tuned for further updates.


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