Microsoft Tried to Acquire Pinterest

Microsoft Acquiring Pinterest?

Microsoft has purportedly held talks with Pinterest trying to secure the social network. The Financial Times reports that the software goliath moved toward Pinterest as of late about an arrangement, yet that the discussions are “as of now not dynamic.” Had an arrangement occurred, it would have been Microsoft’s greatest to date, given Pinterest is valued at $51 billion.

Microsoft’s possible interest in Pinterest could flag an emerging strategy for its continued cloud push, however. The Windows maker has been attempting to persuade all the more enormous online services to utilize its Azure cloud offerings. Amazon’s AWS rules this piece of the market, and huge names like Pinterest could attract extra Azure clients.

Microsoft - Pinterest

First TikTok to Pinterest

It’s a methodology we saw Microsoft endeavor with TikTok. While not fruitful, a TikTok deal would have offered Microsoft important data and a source for its heap of different services, and go about as a goliath advertisement for its accomplices and resellers that attempt to persuade businesses to go with Azure and not AWS.

Microsoft has gained some critical companies under CEO Satya Nadella. A $7.5 billion deal saw GitHub join Microsoft a couple of years back, and Microsoft’s $26.2 billion obtaining of LinkedIn was Nadella’s first significant acquisition. Microsoft is additionally in the late phases of concluding its Bethesda securing, esteemed at $7.5 billion.


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