Mixing and Matching Covid 19 Vaccines has Some Side Effects, Study Says

A study is done on the mixing of Covid 19 vaccines which shows some side effects or we can say that frequent reaction in comparison to same doses of vaccines. Pfizer-BioNTech and Oxford University AstraZeneca vaccines are mixed and given to volunteers in different time intervals. Let us know more about it.

Com-Cov Study

The world’s first trial of mixing the vaccines was led by the Oxford University and run by the National Immunisation Schedule Evaluation Consortium in the U.K. They called the mixing of vaccines a “Com-Cov” study. This is done to help policymakers to increase the flexibility of nationwide vaccination programs.

In this study, Oxford University was examining the participant’s responses to given doses of Oxford AstraZeneca prime vaccine followed by Pfizer-BioNTech booster vaccine. This trial was done on 830 volunteers of 50 and above age group in England with four different combinations of prime and booster vaccination.

Side-Effects of Mixing and Matching Vaccines

As reported by Business Insider, a report of initial data of volunteers receiving mixed vaccines of Covid 19 shows they are experiencing more frequent reactions than a non-mixed vaccine. The side effects that were observed on volunteers are feverishness, fatigue, headache, joint pain, malaise muscle ache, chills, and pain at the injection site. And these symptoms were mild to moderate.

Covid 19 vaccines

The researchers say that the mixing of Covid 19 vaccines could have more adverse effects on the younger age groups as compared to the age group of 50 and above. It is reported by the researcher that the time interval between the second dose of mixed vaccines has frequent reactions than the same dose of vaccine.

Prevention before taking mixed vaccines

Mathew Snape Associate Professor in Paediatrics and Vaccinology at the University of Oxford said that “these vaccination programs are conducting in different countries.” So, people should be aware of it. “And these mixed doses of vaccines have some result which leads to absences from work day after immunization.” So, plan it before taking vaccine doses especially for health workers.

As reported by CNBC, Mathew Snape also mentioned that “the reactions of doses are recorded they were short-lived means went away in between 48hrs and there are no other safety measures to be taken care of.” Snape said that “there were only 10% of participants who need a doctor’s assistance in severe fatigue.”

Through this report, we cannot say that we are safe from Covid 19. And these were the initial reports of volunteers there is no proper analysis done on the numbers to give an exact report. For the proper report, we have to wait for some time. In April researchers expanded this trial including Moderna and Navavax Covid 19 vaccines to study and they named it “Com-Cov 2” with more volunteers up to 1,050. Until there is no proper solution, so please be safe!



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