NASA Admin to Walk Away Even if Asked to Stay Under Biden

NASA Admin Showing Trust

Jim Bridenstine who is the NASA Administrator has disclosed that even if asked to remain he will be leaving as head of the space agency under the Biden administration. The reason behind his leaving being that its administrator has ‘a close relationship with the president’ which he believes will be in the best interest of NASA as he would be trusted by the administration.

This was revealed by Bridenstine that his walk away under the Biden administration would be allowing someone who is believed by the National Security Council, National Space Council, and others in an interview with Aviation Week.

NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine
Jim Bridenstine

Bridenstine: Success Due to Relationships

Bridenstine explained that he thinks he will not be the appropriate person for that in a new administration, adding that the agency’s successes under his guidance have been ‘because of the relationships.’

The decision made by the NASA head ultimately isn’t adherent and praised ‘the bipartisan, apolitical support’ Congress has given for the Artemis program. The most important thing noted in the interview of Bridenstine is that to have continuity of purpose, and he thinks right now they have that as much as someone possibly can.

NASA: Strong for Moon and Mars

To launch several lunar missions, NASA has been working strong under its Artemis program. One of the ambitious deadline amid the agency’s other vast goals is the return of humans to our Moon by 2024 being the ultimate goal. NASA has multiple rovers studying the environment of Mars as the lunar exploration is itself viewed as a launching point for the agency’s eventual mission to send humans to Mars.


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