Nike is developing Biodegradable Sneakers out of Carbon

Believe it or not, Nike has taken another step against the climate crisis to move up in the world.

The sportswear giant Nike, taking a big step towards the reduction of carbon emissions from the environment, is now looking to develop completely biodegradable sneakers from greenhouse gases, as per a recent press release.

The brand has already made sneakers out of trash, but this new carbon-based footwear vision is 100% biodegradable and is a perfect example of how major corporations are reducing their own “carbon footprint,” so that no one could blame them for climate change.

Nike’s Partnership with Aircarbon manufacturers Newlight

Nike has recently announced its partnership with Newlight, a biotech firm responsible for the conversion of carbon into plastic and leather. Newlight’s proprietary Aircarbon is a miracle and much more than just being carbon neutral, it is carbon negative and biodegradable. 

“It is an opportunity for our planet to reduce the impact of greenhouse gases,” says Noel Kinder, Nike’s Chief Sustainability Officer in a press release. “Presently, 70% of carbon emissions are responsible from the Nike products, and in this race of climate crisis, waiting for solutions won’t be enough, but creating them would be everything.” 

All in all, Nike’s partnership with Newlight to develop 100% biodegradable sneakers out of carbon waste, is really a good thing in a quickly warming world.


How is Aircarbon manufactured?

Newlight manufactures Aircarbon by extracting microorganisms from the ocean that eat oxygen and carbon and then transform it into PHB (polyhydroxybutyrate), within their bodies. After 10 years of research work, the company came up with the method to turn PHB into a white powder, which after melting is converted into sheets, fibers, and even solid shapes.

To date, the company has two retail brands for the production of Aircarbon. First, Covalent uses it in the products like handbags, wallets, sunglasses, and tech accessories. Second, Restore uses it in Cutlery and Straws.

Limiting Greenhouse Emission

Newlight knows that it cannot save the world alone but is resolute to protect the world from the wind of climate crisis.

Mark Herrema, Newlight’s CEO says, “The mission is to change the scale and it will be interesting to see how Nike uses AirCarbon and achieves the goal towards a carbon-free environment.”

Convenient amounts of greenhouse gases are unfolded by the clothing and accessories industry. The fashion industry alone contributes 10% of carbon emissions and 20% of wastewater into the atmosphere.

Rather than blaming for the toxic use, we need to keep a check on our needs. Though biodegradable products are coming into the market this does not give us the access to use them indiscriminately.

So think wise before you buy.



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