The safest Android smartphone 'NitroPhone 1' is nothing but a Pixel 4a with GrapheneOS

The German Company Nitrokey, best known for selling encrypted USB sticks, taking its first leap in the smartphone market has recently launched its all-new NitroPhone 1, a modified Pixel 4a with third-party ROM, which it claims to be the ‘safest Android smartphone in the world’.

The company ensures your privacy, complete security, and the best user experience with modern hardware. However, it is not as exciting as expected.

To be precise, NitroPhone 1 is just a modified Google Pixel 4a running on GrapheneOS (an android fork without Google Mobile Services) that was formerly called CopperHeadOS. The Google Mobile Services (GMS), can be installed according to the preference of an individual. It has features like an “automatic kill switch” that shuts the phone down after being inactive for a certain period of time, and “tracking protection,” which blocks apps from accessing your IMEI, MAC address, and other data, reports 9to5Google.

It won’t have the longest shelf life either because Google will support Pixel 4a for two years. And as reported by 9to5Google, Nitrokey picked the 4a due to its “Titan M chip which enables Verified Boot, as well as the easier installation of GrapheneOS.”

NitroPhone 1 will cost you €630 that is Rs 54,648 which is not justified as GrapheneOS is a free-to-install OS. Also, Pixel 4a costs $349 or Rs 25,475 (so you do the math). Therefore, the high price calls for which feature is hard to figure out, even after considering the removal of the microphone for security purposes which is also not an apt reason for the high cost.

However, if you want to invest in this NitroPhone 1, then you can buy it from Nitrokey’s website. (the company accepts SEPA bank transfers, PayPal, Bitcoin, and credit cards, for reference)


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