NewEgg lists Noctua’s highly anticipated NH-P1 Passive Heatsink for $100

Update: Noctua has officially launched its highly anticipated NH-P1 passive CPU cooler for just $110 and an LS-PWM fan for semi-fanless systems for $29.

Original Article: Noctua’s highly anticipated NH-P1 Passive Heatsink isn’t revealed to the public yet but folks at FanlessTech have spotted this colossal Heatsink at Newegg for $100. Newegg’s lists suggest that an official announcement shouldn’t far.

The NH-P1 Passive Heatsink has a fanless design with six heat pipes that transfer heat from the processor towards the massive radiator with widely spaced fins. Noctua has claimed 100% compatibility with memory slots and the first PCIe expansion slot for most ATX and microATX motherboards. Noctua commends pairing the passive CPU cooler with the brand’s own NF-A12x25 LS-PWM 120mm cooling fan that’s hardly audible for added cooling or consumers who want to leverage a semi-passive configuration.

NewEgg lists Noctua’s highly anticipated NH-P1 Passive Heatsink for $100
NH-P1 Passive Heatsink listing at Newegg

Noctua doesn’t advise consumers to use the CPU cooler for overclocking or with processors that are space heaters. The NH-P1’s performance depends on many factors, including ambient temperature and the hardware inside the system. Accordingly, Noctua doesn’t commit to a TDP (thermal design power) rating instead of that, it is suggesting that consumers should consult the NH-P1’s processor compatibility list.

So far, we’ve discussed the highly-anticipated NH-P1 Passive Heatsink that has been spotted by FanlessTech on the Newegg website for $100. The NH-P1 features a fanless design and claims 100% compatibility with memory slots. It doesn’t recommend consumers to use a CPU cooler for overlocking or with processors that are space heaters.

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