There has been a lot of chit-chat lately about the online classes going on in School and Colleges these days. Kids spending a lot of time on the screen. And is it good or bad for the students, teachers and the whole world.

Bringing this blog to you has the same purpose as earlier, making you believe that technology is a tool we can use to do a lot of good.

online classes good or bad

Personally, I loved going to school. So, all you suckers who have to sit home and attend lectures online should sit and think about what you did wrong or the fact that you should’ve been careful what you wished for when you were cursing your school.

Anyway, keeping my personal views aside let’s get to the facts!

The Pros :

  1.  Online learning helps students to retain information at a higher rate. According to the Research Institute of America, online learning increases the rate of retention by 45%.
  2.  Since the travel period is reduced and the one taken by teachers to travel from the staffroom to the classroom is now zero, the time investment is also less.
  3.  Online classes demand more assessments. Since all we do in a digital classroom is listen, the number of assessments increase therefore reduce the distraction of a student.
  4. Let’s be a little less selfish and think about the pollution that will be reduced when 37.4 million students in India alone will stop travelling to school every day.

The first three points already look like CONS to me but I have to be unbiased writing this post, so here we go!

The Cons: 

  1. High requirement of self-discipline seems to be a bigger problem in the world. And On-Screen, being able to sit for longer hours, it requires even more of it.
  2.  Social Isolation is one of the most under estimated problems students this year will face. Parents might want to support your kids during these times. Introverts who are happy reading this point will also feel the need for human interaction soon.
  3. Your communication skills might die. Yep, that’s sad. (Like you would’ve gone and talked to that cute girl in your class all by yourself and got a date if they opened the school tomorrow.)
  4. Preventing cheaters in an online class becomes as difficult as finding a good test match player in Bangladesh cricket team.

Again, to some of us the CONS might not seem like cons, but they are what they are.-

It’s a time when technology is helping a lot of us. Of course, the doctors are doing a great job. Like if a doctor is Batman, then tech geeks are at least Robin, c’mon at least that?

Anyway, stay safe and stay inside. Use all your gadgets to communicate with friends, play videogames and have fun! 



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