OnlyFans to ban Sexually Explicit Content from October Onwards

After launching the OFTV app, which will only have strictly safe-for-work (SFW) content, OnlyFans have now announced that it will not allow its users to share sexually explicit content from October 1st, 2021 onwards, but the nudity will be acceptable if creators follow the platforms Acceptable Use Policy.

OnlyFans is implying these changes on content sharing as they are facing difficulty in finding investors (payment providers and banking providers) due to sexual content. So they decided to change their Acceptable Use Policy by prohibiting sexually explicit content but allowing nudity.

According to TechCrunch, the company also said by changing their user policy they are ensuring long-term sustainability to their platform. There will be more details about the changes in the upcoming days.

Although OnlyFans standardized the policies, these standards are not that up to mark according to BBC reports. As the company is lenient on creators who posted illegal content and their ‘compliance manual’ says users will be given three strikes if the content which was removed is illegal. 

Apart from this, the company has created a separate team for large base subscribers with additional warnings if creators broke any rules. And other posts would be monitored by human moderators.

The major effect of this decision is on sex workers and porn performers as the OnlyFans platform provide them a source of income legally. And now they are also stepping back from the adult entertainment industry. These artists are part of the platform since 2016 but we don’t know the effect of this decision will be a success or a failure. Due to this OnlyFans will be losing their valuable users.

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