As firstly spotted by PC Gamer, OPSYS is a recently established PC system builder from Stockport in the UK. It’s searching for somebody to play games on its PCs, offering £30,000 (around $41,000) for the year-long position.

“Rather than paying some advertisement fellow £30k to promote the most overpowered PCs on the planet, we’re giving you £30k to play games on them,” clarifies the organization.

The promotion’s phrasing gives you a thought of what OPSYS is searching for: “Game-Addicts as it were. OPSYS’s Overpowered User Experience Engineer can’t go through the entire day turning upward wtf gamers are discussing. You need to know. Thus, promptly have musings on the Meta, the images, and the most ideal approach to min-max your way to a simple success, you’re ideal for this work.”

OPSYS gaming PC
Credit: OPSYS, $41,00 to play on one of these for a year? Is it too good to be true?

It’s likewise specified that there ought to be no savages or factions, and disliking your parents could be a resource.

Regardless of whether this is a genuine competition or a publicity stunt is debatable. OPSYS has minimal, though positive, feedback and the application cycle includes posting a 60-second video via online media clarifying why you merit the position and utilizing a company hashtag on Twitter or Instagram.

What the work involves past playing games is hazy, however, it seems as though promoting the firm will be a necessity. The full-time position is performed remotely, and there’s no notice of it being available to UK occupants only. Applications close on April 9, with the last interview occurring on April 12.


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