is time relative or absolute

We all know what time is l. What do you think the time is? Do you think the time is only one-directional or it is a bidirectional thing? If we wouldn’t have learned to measure then we would not even have an idea of it. If somehow time gets slowed or sped up then we would not even know about it because the rate at which we will experience it will remain the same.

We measure the time with the decay rate of the atom, not with the emergence of the atom. In quantum mechanics, particles can emerge out of nothing in time greater than Plank Time. This arises a question that is time really what it’s what we perceive it is. Past only exists because we can remember it. Our brain works in the past and future. Somehow, the rules of quantum mechanics are already in our brains.

What if time doesn’t exist at all we made it on our own a world without our flawed concept of will be different.
Maybe time is just a useless thing and we do not even need it. Who cares how long does it take?

Time is a measurement of movement and a dimension. It slows down near massive objects with strong gravity fields, and at very high speeds. It stops at light speed and the event horizon of a black hole. Stops existing at the center of a black hole. If you ask me then time is a very weird thing.

Universe with Time

We measure the time according to our activities and standpoints. We can try to measure it but who knows where the center is. We believe that the universe is expanding but we still don’t know why. We still don’t know from where gravity comes from whether it comes from matter or dark matter and also we don’t know what dark matter is. There are no theories to explain all these things.

Time is the only main factor that makes these theories irrelevant. We can only feel the time because our brain is keeping tabs and data on the incidents. It is subjective for humans and we do not even know if other animals who live here even think the same about it. More the incidents we accumulate the lesser the duration of time we experience.

I’m not a scientist or something but I think you simply can not prove time. It’s just a perception you can believe in it or not. The world that we live in revolves around time and time is a measure of something just like money is a measure of wealth. You are forced to believe that time exists in most cases because everyone uses it. If we think about the present can’t even feel it we feel it when it’s already done we feel all the factors that caused the change are done causing the change.

I think it’d be interesting if one day we all suddenly agreed that time didn’t exist, as hard as that is to imagine. We’d have to get rid of clocks, calendars schedules, and all you can think of relating to time. But I’d feel different. I’d feel much freer in a sense. I can’t even imagine…..


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