Quantum teleportation Performed by Scientist across 44 KM with High Accuracy

Quantum Teleportation – Future

How cool would it look that someone just woke up from the bed and is running late to urgently reach somewhere but he is cool because he can teleport from one place to another in just a fraction of seconds? This sounds amazing but it’s still far to experience these things but researchers are working on it and that too in the real world but teleportation of people and product is not their aim for now.

The thing there is working on is quantum teleportation which could ultimately lead to forming an extremely fast and highly secure quantum internet. And in the attempt of this experiment- scientists were able to actually teleport high fidelity quantum information for a total distance of 44 km (27 miles).

90% Accuracy

Scientists were not only able to send information over this distance but measured the accuracy of the message nearing 90%. They also noted that the transfer distance and data fidelity both are important to build a reliable quantum Internet. This 90% fidelity was achieved by the team across an extensive fiber-optic network which is the spinal cord of the present-day internet.

Quantum teleportation

Physicists are excited to redefine global communication through the results noted which is a significant achievement to build modern-day technology -quantum teleportation. Quantum technology makes use of unmeasured particles known as qubits which remain draped in a mix of possible states exposed to each other after their identities intertwined.

Years of Work for Network Establishment

This technology is of great advantage as it could help the reflection of data from one location to another. Qubit being sent across the 44 km limit over fiber has allowed the researcher to believe that they could successfully use it to teleport quantum information.

Researchers still think that they are years to cover to fully role out quantum teleportation to make a wide network and change the communication world. The work of years has finally getting paid off and there requires more effort into it.



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