Playdate pre-orders will begin in July, here's everything you need to know

Today, at Panic’s Playdate video showcase, the company made some revelation about its retro-gaming handheld with a hand crank. Panic’s handheld gaming console is going to be available for pre-order in July, but there is no specific date given till now. The device is priced at $179 but the UK price has not been confirmed yet.

The Company has also revealed Stereo Dock. The Stereo Dock was designed by Teenage Engineering just the same as Playdate. The dock will function as a charging stand and a Bluetooth speaker for the device as well. Also, there is a pen holder and a bright yellow pen comes with it.

The company has also announced a protective case for the device i.e. Playdate cover. But for now, it is only available in purple color. The cost of the cover is $29 but a bundle having both will be priced at $199 ($20 more than the Playdate’s price).

21 out of 24 titles have been announced by the Panic for the handheld console, which will be released in Seasons. Details about the games have been kept secret. however, Two games will be launched a week over its first 12 weeks, which will be included in the price of the console.

Here’s list of those 21 games –

Panic's Playdate pre-orders will begin in July, Here's 21 games announced
Credit: panic

Panic also revealed there’ll be a few extra games which are developed by the company itself. The company also announced that Lucas Pope is working on a game for Playdate called ‘Mars After Midnight’.

So, as mentioned, we’ve discussed the Panic’s Playdate handheld priced at $179 and you’ll have to wait until July to pre-order this retro gaming device. We also discussed about the 21 games for the console that will be released in seasons and the Playdate cover that is currently available in purple color and is priced at $29.

For more information visit Panic’s Playdate website.

So, this was all about the latest update. Drop your views related to this in the comment section. Till then stay tuned for further updates.


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