A still from Pokemon showing the main characters

An Ultra-rare Pokemon card sold for a record-breaking amount. The card is a Japanese “Pikachu Illustrator” card, which is one of only 39 made and one of 10 left in the world right now.

This card is sold for over $200,000, which breaks the previous record for most expensive card sale held by none other than itself.

A still from Pokemon showing the main characters


The previous record for most expensive Pokemon card sale was held by this card was $195,000. When it was sold back in October last year. And when this card sold for $233,000 earlier this month, it broke its own record.


Image of the record breaking card.

So, here arises a question in everyone’s mind that why is this card is so rare. Besides being one card out of 39 made and 10 left in the world. Well according to an auction description from the $195,000 October sale explains that “What makes it so rare is that it was not sold, but awarded as a prize in an illustration contest through CoroCoro Comic. This unique card was created specifically for the cards contest. In the January 1998 issue, three 1st Place winners had a copy of the card. As did another twenty 2nd Place winners. With cards awarded in two more contests that year, there was a maximum of 39 copies released.”


And in this month’s sale which was happened on ZenPlus, this ultra-rare card purchased by an American customer through ZenPlus’ Pokemonmania store. And the company said, “What makes this card so special beyond it being a part of a contest over 20 years ago is that it features art by the original illustrator of Pikachu, Atsuko Nishida.”


As reported by IGN, the $233,000 card was graded as a Professional Sports Authenticator Mint 9. Which means the card is in superb condition with no more than one flaw. Well, that’s not bad for a 21-year-old piece of card. Now for those who are thinking that why someone would want to spend that kind of money on a single Pokemon card. Well, it isn’t due to the card’s competitive nature. The card doesn’t really do much other than proving itself as a winner in the 1998 contest.

Image of the Pokemon card with mint condition details.

“We certify that your illustration is an excellent entry in the Pokemon Card Game Illustration Contest,” the card reads, as translated by ZenMarket. “Therefore, we state that you are an Officially Authorized Pokemon Card Illustrator and admire your skill.”

Now the American customer who purchased this card surely bought it for the collector’s value. As it won’t be doing him any favours in future trading card battles. And he surely has added a ton to his fortune.


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