Raspberry Pi 4 has Compatible Kits Offering Upgrading of Computer

Raspberry Pi 4 Kit

There have been many attempts since the Raspberry Pi debuted in 2012 to make a dream setup for many enthusiasts which is a laptop chassis. The most recent venture in this concern comes from a portable Pi comes from “READY!” as the Model 100 single-board computer (SBC) expansion system which is harmonious with Raspberry Pi 4 for a price around $400 as a kit, or an x86 Founders Edition for $899.

The model 100 is made from extruded aluminum which is large enough to accommodate any single-board computer (SBC). The chassis has space for an obligatory RGB mechanical keyboard and three small 1920 x 480 resolution HDMI touchscreens. It will come in in two colors: “Cyberpunk Black” and “Retropunk Silver” and its aesthetic screaming “HACKER”.

Power and Ports

  • (Image credit: READY! Computer)
  • (Image credit: READY! Computer)
  • Raspberry Pi 4 :(Image credit: READY! Computer)

As the image available of the chassis are renders, we could spot ports of the SBC broken out into what appears to be industrial-style connectors but they could vary on their release. Along with four SMA antenna ports are common ports for HDMI, Ethernet, and USB. It is unclear how these ports will be used as the Raspberry Pi uses an internal PCB antenna. A 5V supply to power Model 100 which can be used for boards such as Raspberry Pi and a 12 V supply is needed for other boards.

Price is Classy

For best services, you need to lose your pocket and so it is for the READY! Model 100 claims to be the ideal board for many. The price tag for the Founders Edition is $899 which will come with an unspecified quad-core x86 based SBC with 16GB RAM and 1TB solid-state storage. This is something that can be considered a serious investment for an aluminum chassis, a keyboard, and screens. At around half the price of the Founder’s Edition, there are kits to add your own SBC.

This is an interesting project but for those who choose the good price for good service as it has a price tag of $400 which will be a watch that how many prefer this.



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