Relive your 90's Dream with Tamagotchi Smartwatch releasing in November this year
Credit: Bandai Namco

Tamagotchi on its 25th anniversary is going to release a new wearable smart device featuring touch and voice controls along with new characters and items. Also, Tamagotchi Smartwatch/Smart will be sold in a lottery before actual release for which you can apply soon.

What is Tamagotchi?

Well, the comeback of Tamagotchi with a new smartwatch-like form factor is something interesting. In 1996, the Tamagotchi was first released in Japan, as an electronic toy for kids. It created supermassive popularity among people worldwide for it. You won’t believe that by 2010, over 76 million Tamagotchi units were sold and till 2017 it rose to 82 million units. Moreover, it was so popular that a lot of anime series was also filmed on it.

Specs of new Tamagotchi Smartwatch

This is a mini electronic pet, basically, we can call it a wearable smart pet that can be called out using a microphone, and also features a touchscreen.

As per reports by Kotaku on Thursday, it tells that Tamagotchi has the following features:

  • Touchscreen LCD
  • 30 hrs of battery life
  • Recharge using USB

Well, talking about voice controls, it does not give speech recognition features. The Tamagotchi Smart, although uses this feature to wake your pet (thanks Input), however, it does not actually recognize specific commands giving us thought that it is designed to keep children in mind.

Relive your 90's Dream with Tamagotchi Smartwatch releasing November 2021
Credit: Bandai Namco

Also, another specification about the Tamagotchi product is that you will get a variety in taking care of various characters. As ‘TamaSma’ cards will also be sold by Bandai to sideload exclusive characters and items.

Prices and Release

The release of the Tamagotchi Smartwatch/Smart is expected to be in November. If we precisely mention it then according to reports it can be released on November 23, costing 7480 yen that is approximately $68 and the TamaSma cards will be available for 110 yen (approx. $10).

But readers, if you can’t wait for so long then this one’s for you. The Tamagotchi Smartwatches will be sold in the lottery between June 17th and July 2 for which you have to apply and the winners will be announced in late July.

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