'RuneScape' launches on Android and iOS with full cross-platform support with PC

Jagex’s iconic MMORPG game ‘RuneScape’ is now available for free on both Android and iOS platforms via Google Play Store and the App Store with full-cross platform play between PCs. Meaning along with playing it on your phone or tablet, you can also transfer your progress from PC to your device or vice-versa.

“RuneScape would come early this year on mobiles”, was claimed by Jagex publishers earlier this year and now it has come true as today RuneScape has launched as a free-to-play title on all mobile platforms. More than 1.8 million players are pre-registered for mobile-friendly user interfaces with revamped menus, icons, texts, and textures.

Seven days free trial and membership for free

The game has the same content as the current iteration of Runescape, and players can access the quests and skills. They can also check out the membership for free with a seven-day trial. This game supports cross-platform hence you can continue to play from where you left on any device (PC or Mobile).

“RuneScape is there for gamers who want to experience the game for the first time on mobile in its free-to-play form, for existing players, and for its subscribing members who benefit from additional content,” said the publisher Jagex.

Twenty years back the game was launched in January 2001, with the feel of medieval fantasy, and emerged as an ever-expanding game. With T\two decades on, this game has become the world’s longest-running game with 300 million players accounts. It is the full-blown RuneScape that Jagex has been updating for the last 20 years. Now with an appetite for Android and IOS users.

You can download RuneScape Mobile from the Google Play Store and App Store. Take a feel of the iconic game that has emerged as the longest-running game for two decades. So, download the game, take a membership and enjoy.


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