Google's 'Find My Device Network' may borrow crowdsource locating feature from Apple

Following the footsteps of Apple, Google might be planning to footsteps and upgrade its ‘Find My Device network’ by turning every Android device nearby into a massive crowdsourced network of devices to quickly find the lost device, sort of an Android version of Apple’s upgraded ‘Find My network’.

Well, the ability to locate lost devices using other people’s devices nearby is nothing new, we have already seen this technology in recently released AirTags and upgraded Find My network of Apple. And looks like another company to use this technology will be Google, as an APK teardown (via XDA-Developers) of Google Play Services version 21.24.13 has revealed that tech giants might be planning to implement this ability in their ‘Find My Device Network’.

Find My Device Network

This network can only find devices signed into Google accounts, which limits it to phones, tablets, and Chromebooks, among other things. Also, it only works if the lost device has an Internet connection, if not, then the location information may go stale. And hence if Google implements this crowdsourced ability to ‘Find My Device Network‘, then it may take the network on a different spin – allowing one Android user to help other Android users locate their lost or stolen device.

Here’s the code discovered by XDA-Developers:

<string name="mdm_find_device_network_description">Allows your phone to help locate your and other people’s devices.</string>
<string name="mdm_find_device_network_title">Find My Device network</string>

So, we’ve discussed that Google might be working on Find My Device Network by following Apple. But Find My Device isn’t new. Just as Apple’s earlier version, it has a very restricted scope and functionality. But with this crowdsourced Find My Device may take a different spin if it goes live.

This is all about it and if you’ve any query related to this then write it down in the comment section. Until then stay tuned for further updates.


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