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Today Apple has announced that it is expanding its Find My network accessory program for third-party devices, including products from company’s like Belkin, Chipolo, and VanMoof. Launched back in 2009, the Find My network accessory program has now grown from just tracking the lost iPhones to tracking the most Apple products by using Bluetooth (even if the device is not online) and hundreds of millions of Apple devices tied to it. And now as part of its expansion, it can now track the non-Apple devices in the same way.

Apple’s vice president of Worldwide Product Marketing said in a statement that “For more than a decade, our customers have relied on ‌Find My‌ to locate their missing or stolen Apple devices, all while protecting their privacy.” He added “Now we’re bringing the powerful finding capabilities of ‌Find My‌, one of our most popular services, to more people with the ‌Find My‌ network accessory program. We’re thrilled to see how Belkin, Chipolo, and VanMoof are utilizing this technology, and can’t wait to see what other partners create.”

Find My Network almost works as same as Apple products for third-party accessories. It shows each item’s icon on the Find My map, which on tapping gives the user a couple of options. For example, you can play a sound on the nearby device, for making it easier to find and if the device is lost or stolen, you can lock it with the help of this app. The only difference is that Find My doesn’t automatically do the pairing with third-party accessories.

  • Apple's Find My items
  • Apple's Find My items
  •  Apple's Find My items Lost mode

All Find My devices will have a “Works with Apple Find My” badge and can be found or paired by using the updated app which has a new “Items” tab at the bottom. Now for being eligible for the Find My Network Accessory Program a device or item should be certified under the Apple’s Made for iPhone (MFi) program.

As stated above, the first OEMs to launch ‌Find My‌ integrated devices or items include VanMoof’s latest S3 and X3 e-bikes, Belkin’s Soundform Freedom Wireless Earbuds, and Chipolo’s One Spot tracking fob, set to be available beginning next week. Apple also notes that more products and accessories will enter this program soon.


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