Killer Doll ‘Chucky’ is back in a Creepy New Teaser for the Upcoming Syfy TV Series - Craffic

Syfy has released a creepy new teaser trailer of the highly anticipated upcoming Chucky TV series about the killer doll from the Child’s Play movies.

Syfy has tweeted the new teaser, showing us the killer Chucky doll being built piece by piece. Along with reminding us that the killer doll will soon be coming back into our lives, as we hear the iconic Chucky voiceover by Brad Dourif telling us, “I always come back!”. It was a small tear but still reminds me of that horrifying doll that will soon be entering our televisions.

Check out the new teaser for the series below:

The upcoming Chucky TV series will be of 10 episodes in total, written by the original creator of Child’s Play “Don Mancini”. He’s also producing the series which will take place after the seven main movies of the franchise.

The first episode of the series, titled Death By Misadventure, is due to premiere this fall on Syfy and the USA Network, according to Collider.

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