SYFY's Chucky TV Series gets its first full-length trailer

One of the most popular American horror franchises Childs Play created by Don Mancini will be appearing on the small screen for the very first with the latest Chucky TV Series set to release on SYFY and USA on October 12. Chucky is set after the events of Cult of Chucky and serves as a direct sequel to that film. And at Comic-Con@Home during the “Legacy of Chucky” panel SYFY’s upcoming TV Series based on the killer doll ‘Chucky’ got its first full-length official trailer, which you can see below:

The first trailer for Chucky TV Series reveals that the vintage Chucky doll, voiced by Brad Dourif, is in a suburban yard sale that has been purchased by a teenager named Jake played by Zackery Arthur. And from that, this series revolves around other teenagers in high school of Jake and then the American town encountered with many horrifying murders.

This series will expose the truth behind the killing and the untold story of a demon doll who first was an ordinary child and then somehow became a notorious monster. 

Written by the original creator of Child’s Play Don Mancini, the upcoming Chucky TV Series premiering on Syfy and USA Network on October 12 will be of 10 episodes in total, and will see the return of Brad Dourif as Chucky and Jennifer Tilly as Tiffany.


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