Apple Airtag Security Breached: Security Researcher Hacks and Reprograms the Newly Launched Device - Craffic

As we all know that, Apple is known to provide security to its products. But in newly AirTags they cannot able to provide security as one researcher able to modify its microcontroller code.

AirTag is a newly launched device by Apple. It is a tracking device designed to find personal objects. But soon it is targeted by security researchers and they can modify its microcontroller code (via AppleInsider).

Who hacked the AirTag?

Security Researcher of German “Stack Smashing” revealed on his Twitter account that they can able to break into the microcontroller of AirTags and they can also re-flash the memory of the microcontroller.

A quick demonstration of the modified AirTag NFC URL in his account. When the device is scanned by iPhone is showing “” instead of “”. It means the device is modified to perform different functions.

In a video, there is a cable attached to a device. It is claimed that it is used for giving power purposes only.

Any effect on Apple company?

As real AirTag relies on the Find My network to find lost devices, Apple would do something to protect the server from any maliciously modified versions of devices. This means Apple server information could be in danger. During its launch, a debug is found in the newly launched device which gives more information to Apple company rather than customers.

Through this news, it can be possible that similar kinds of techniques can be used for malicious purposes.


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