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Apple has officially announced AirTags, its long-rumoured tracking tags, as it expands the Find My network with its own Tile competitor. The $29 dongles are built to be conveniently connected to keys, pets, pockets, or anything else, and can be found using the iPhone app.

The tag is a small, dust- and water-resistant disc with an IP67 rating. Its laser-etched stainless steel body can be customized with a custom message or an emoji. A user-replaceable battery is located inside.


Tags and other ways to connect the AirTag to a bag or keychain will be available. Apple has also collaborated with Hermes on custom leather tags, with Hermes inscriptions on the AirTags as well.

The Find My network recently opened up to third-party products, like a tracking dongle. As Apple opens up APIs for other manufacturers to use, VanMoof e-bikes can be found using Find My.

When it comes to finding the AirTag, Apple uses a method called Precision Finding. It relies on the U1 chip, which supports directional positioning and is used in recent devices such as the iPhone 12. The camera, accelerometer, and gyroscope all contribute to this.

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The Find My app then shows you not only how close you are to your AirTag, but also the direction in which it is. You can also make the AirTag chime, similar to how Find My can ring your iPhone or iPad to help you locate it.

Preorders for AirTags will open on Friday, and they will ship on April 30. AirTags will cost $29 each or $99 for a pack of four.



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