Robotaxi Powered by Nvidia Data Centers to Improve AI

Nvidia – Trust of Many

Nvidia is been thought of as a major provider of PC components among tech enthusiasts like for RTX 3000 line and GeForce Now for gaming services but in this year of the pandemic, the company made its cut in money from these services only. And in-fact how can we forget the cloud services provided by Nvidia’s data center as the pandemic has forced many businesses to move their daily operations to the cloud. A recent blog post by the company stated that the exact figures will be produced soon.  

Robotaxi – Amazon Zoox

Adding on a post based on Amazon’s Zoox this week which is developing a driverless taxi has posted an in-depth breakdown of its latest prototype robotaxi. However, it is not in use for the common public but testing models have been built for closed courses and selected public roads. Robotaxi of Zoox is not similar to the competitors as it follows an asymmetrical design approach with no proper forward or backward allowing the passenger to enjoy the experience by sitting at any seat and eliminates the need of reversing the vehicle.

Interesting built-in features like touchscreen allowing the customer to interact with the taxi and a four-wheel drive, helping to adjust in tight spaces where parallel parking is needed. But the thing why I discussed Nvidia first is because robotaxi supports Nvidia powered machine learning algorithm that includes radar, camera, and LIDAR to constantly improve.

Since 2017 Zoox has been working with Nvidia to present a level 5 autonomous vehicle to streets which are considered to be the top most tier of self-driving as it does not require any kind of human intervention as per Nvidia. And Nvidia has been focusing on startups based on AI and data science which is an alumnus of the Nvidia Inception – incubator program.

How do Algo works?

The Robotaxis will focus on using sensors to drive safely at the moment and will acquire a 360-degree view of the around all four corners of the vehicle and of course whose data will be sent to an Nvidia data center equipped that aids to build up the company’s machine learning algorithm. So the algorithm can be used to improve the driving AI based on updates to its fleet of vehicles every week.

Zoox L5 Fully Autonomous, All-electric Robotaxi Interior

Human Aid Required

The video breakdown was explained by Zoox Senior Vice President of Software Ashu Rege as with more data gathered comes experience as the data is processed offline as well by evaluating by their engineers of various incidents faced and was the AI able to prove right at the incident or not. This sorts out to be a great help in the development of AI to a better version. The aim for the coming days is to test on more private and public roads and jump into a market in a more dense urban environment.

Nvidia states that Zoox is the only one present that has a proven and high-performance solution for ROBOTAXI. Nvidia tries its best to get deeper into the world of tech in every possible way.



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