Samsung might Adopt Google’s Mysterious Fuchsia OS in the Future

There were lots of rumors for a while now that Android would be replaced by Google’s Fuchsia OS. This OS will help Google to resolve all the problems of Android. It also gives the chance for controlling software releases in all devices as Apple does with iOS. And on a related note, a new report by BGR is now pointing that Samsung might be planning to adopt Google’s mysterious Fuchsia OS soon.

Fuchsia OS

Fuchsia OS by Google

When Fuchsia OS will run then it will provide improved security and privacy, control over the software, and all the existing software will run on this platform also. These features are according to the rumors. If these rumors are true then it can help Google transition from Android to Fuchsia.

It is also said that when Fuchsia will come to run then it will be provided for various forms from smartphones and tablets to laptops and even to the devices that do not have a display.

Samsung to adopt Fuchsia OS

When Fuchsia will come to run then Android devices suppliers have to support this transition. A top leaker Ice Universe releases news that Samsung could be the first one to adopt Fuchsia OS in the near future. 

It is not revealed that Samsung would change Android for all devices. Samsung also tries to make their OS but they fail. And now they have no choice to adopt Fuchsia OS if Google comes with it. Samsung also develops user interfaces of Android for their own devices therefore, there can be a possibility that they would again try to make OS of their own. But a few days back SamMobile reported that Samsung is contributing to Google’s Fuchsia OS, which again adds a wait to this leak.

Huawei also making their OS that is Harmony OS which will run in the future but it will not support existing Android devices.

There is news that Google will soon release the Fuchsia OS (whose first beta might have closed now). Google is working on this project for a long time and if they want users to shift from Android to this, then they possibly invested heavily in it. Well, for now, Google is planning to showcase Android 12 at its I/O event with a massive redesign, for an early glimpse click here.



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