Watch Naruto unleashing New Rasengan in Boruto’s newest episode

[Spoiler alert!] Boruto: Naruto Next Generations!, Naruto Uzumaki unleashed new Rasengan in the fight against Delta. The newest episode of this series brought the first major fight to its climax as Naruto continues to struggle against Delta of Kara. The previous episode of the series ended on a major thriller that saw Kawaki lose an arm when he was hit by Delta’s laser blasts and in the new episode the fight is on the next level as Naruto unleashed a new move to counter Delta’s technological tricks. It’s Episode 199 saw Naruto debut the supermassive Rasengan. Check it out in the tweet down below:

The previous episode also revealed that one of Delta’s scientific ninja tool upgrades to her body changed the composition of the eyes. She could not only fire a deadly laser from them but could also absorb the Jutsu that someone fired at her that happened with Naruto’s Rasengan. The newest episode saw Naruto’s experiment just to see how much chakra she could absorb into her eyes.

So, Naruto continued to pump a Rasengan at high volume directly into Delta’s eyes and thus she ended up losing the fight when she can not fully absorb the Rasengan. Though it can’t be a move to use against any opponent it certainly made a mark in the newest episode.

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