Developer named Hari Wiguna Creates the Nostalgic Nokia Snake Game for Raspberry Pi

We had previously seen many interesting Raspberry Pi projects, but this time a developer named Hari Wiguna created the nostalgic Nokia Snake game for his Raspberry Pi Pico. Hari Wiguna wrote this nostalgic on MicroPython and the code was made available on GitHub.

As first spotted by Beebom, The developer’s Raspberry Pi Pico hardware setup has five buttons to control the snake’s movement and a 128 x 64-pixel OLED display for perceiving the game. The basic concept of the snake game is the same – the player dies if it hits the walls or touches itself. And the speed of the snake increases as it grows longer. The unique thing in the game is that the snake slithers as it moves during gameplay. 

Hari Wiguna reported in his Hackaday post that “there were probably easier ways to implement that, but he really enjoyed working within self-imposed constraints. He wanted it to be on the 128×64 pixel OLED that he had, so he could not afford to waste screen real estate on big sprites. The sprites he used were only 4×4 pixels! He wanted it to be written in MicroPython because he enjoyed the interactivity and super fast no compile dev cycles.”

So guys, if you really want to check it, then the Hari’s Snake game is available on GitHub and you can try it on your device and can get together with the developer to add more features to this project.


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